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Motor Control and the Instant Replay

Motor Control, Muscle Function, and the INSTANT REPLAY by Ralph Simpson, PT, OCS, CMPT, ATC This paper is an exploration of the motor pathways utilized by INSTANT REPLAY protocols. A unique methodology, these protocols can be applied to the subacute and chronically injured patient in rehabilitation settings as well as to the uninjured through training […]

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Physical Therapy or Advanced Imaging

In this day of expensive health care, putting the PT at the start of the medical model in the treatment of low back pain saves money for individuals as well as the system as a whole. Direct access PT   allows the trained PT to not only examine an acute low back pain patient but […]

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3D Printing

3D printing is making life different for us even if it’s not in the headlines.  The 3D total knee for instance is available:  A CT scan of your knee is used in conjunction with a 3D printer to produce a prosthesis specific to you; surgical times are half the usual; and the amount of bone […]

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Golf Fitness

Pete Draovitch, ATC, PT, CSCS Ralph Simpson, PT, OCS, CMPT, ATC Training and conditioning programs for golfers vary tremendously, based upon the person’s goals and skill levels. However, each program, regardless of its objectives or time constraints, must be designed considering injury prevention, enhanced performance and neuromuscular system patterning. Based upon physical examination shortcomings, the […]

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Functional Training and Golf

The fitness world is full of catch phrases as previously used techniques or ideas are reclaimed, re-invented, or renamed.  Core training, for instance, used to be called abdominal training.  Aerobic dance is now an aerobic class of some sort.  This world is also prey to crazes:  the running craze, the abdominal-exercise-device craze, and the electronic […]

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Instant Replay, I Said

A day on TOUR can be long for a player:  morning warm up and practice round followed by more practice at the range, in the bunker, and on the putting green.  Meetings with agents, media, problems with clubs, problems with the hotel, dinners etc.etc.etc.  Add to this mix the time needed for fitness and/or injury […]

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