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The Elbow is Connected to the Neck Joints

Ouch!  It’s that pesky tennis elbow again….or is it?  Pain on the outside of the elbow is often automatically called tennis elbow (technically lateral epicondylitis) but may in fact be any one of several other problems associated with the joints or tendons of the area.  One of those “other” problems may actually progress to lateral […]

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It’s Not Hip to Hurt

Acute hip injuries in golf are rare indeed.  Occasionally a touring pro may have what’s called a “snapping” hip: a painful noise caused by the psoas tendon snapping forcibly across the front of the hip during the twisting motion of the golf swing. But that, too, is not very common.  A much more common entity […]

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Have A Ball With Your Swing

Power:  a capacity for action; a measure of the rate of work done.  Or in more practical terms, power is the result of how quickly one is able to move a certain load through a given space.  Huh?  In other words, faster club-head speed is directly related to a more powerful swing.  Faster moving club-heads […]

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It’s a Pain in the Neck

People are often surprised when they find out we treat injuries on the PGA Tour sports medicine center as well as provide a fitness center.  They often scoff at the thought of golf causing an injury.  Yet the truth be known, golf at this level is a traumatic sport at least as far as the […]

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Montana Golfer

“What’s the best exercise for golf?”   This seems like a pretty simple question at first glance.  The answer is a bit more complicated, however.  In brief, a fitness program designed to improve one’s golf depends, in no small part, on a person’s fitness level as well as handicap.   “But golf is golf” you […]

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Body Blade

Dolleys, rollers, medicine balls, gymnastic balls, light weights, heavy weights, and on and on it seems.  Yes, there are a plethora of exercise options as well as exercise tools but no despair, not all these tools are necessary for every program or for every person but any one of them may be used to achieve […]

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Fitness Center Life

I am continually asked about life in the PGA Tour Player Fitness Center: “What goes on in there?” and “Do many players use this facility?” These are just two of the common questions asked on a weekly basis and partly the essence of this issue’s fitness column. The week and the days start early. Although […]

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